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Against the Race War – Culture Series Part 3

race war alliance

Racial antipathies are a historical reality. It is this fact alone that grants credence to a lot of what we hear about racial strife. But even here, a history of carefully crafted definitions to create a narrative has been hard at work. CONTENT…


Economics – Culture Series Part 2

economics currency

Today, the nature of capitalism is that it’s international. The true aristocrats aren’t even in our country. They can destroy the economic well-being of a nation a world away and there isn’t a single thing you and your band of nap-sacking wearing, peace loving hippies can do about it. Plus you don’t even like, know how to hold, or use a gun. So shut up!


The Culture War is Not a Battle of Wits: it’s a Battle of Words – Part 1

Voltaire philosopher

The historic philosopher Voltaire is often quoted as saying, “If you wish to converse with me, define your terms.” Those fighting the culture war seem to have forgotten this or at the least are oblivious to how pervasive misdefined terms has become. The…