A group can never be spoken to: you can communicate effectively to the individual person only. A mob cannot be reasoned with. Rationality can only be found in the individual human mind.

We have an international scene composed of political groups that do not appeal to reason. They make mobs only. This isn’t just the Democrats or just the Republicans. It is a joint effort.

The aristocrats of yesteryear got wise after so many revolutions and overthrows. They found that if they largely ignored a people and left them to their own devices those people would communicate. They would form groups. They’d grow in concern. They’d revolt.

So, the modern political system specializes in creating factions out of the people. It suits aristocrats to have voter blame voter for the course of society.

No matter which side is in power there is a traceable, definite, plotted course for the society as a whole. That course is not moving in the direction of empowering the individual to stand on his own, make his wealth and decide how he shares and contributes to his own community.

Donald Trump is a mistake. He won’t last forever. One day he’ll be gone, and the ruling class of this country will make up for the lost time. And then where will you be? Where will you be allowed to be?

The ideas of American conservatism are dead in the Republican party. They have been for a long time.

It’s time for a renaissance.